Winter Animal Puppets


These adorable winter animal puppets are the perfect addition to your creative play. They're easy to make and are something the entire family can have fun with together. This craft can be as simple as just using paint, or you can elaborate as much as you want with elements from nature or whatever crafty odds and ends you have at home. 


  • craft sticks
  • cardboard (we used an Amazon box)
  • white paint
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue/ craft glue
  • a round lid to trace animal heads if desired (we used a Talenti jar lid)
  • marker
  • scissors
  • any extras: elements from nature, sequins, pom poms, buttons, felt etc.


  • sketch desired winter animals on one side of cardboard (we started with the same circle shape and then added ears etc.)
  • write the name of the animal inside if you wish to keep track
  • cut out animals with scissors
  • turn over (to side that was not sketched on) and paint
  • once dry, add details with a marker (eyes, nose, etc.)
  • optional: add any extra details or decor here such as antlers, pom poms etc.
  • glue craft sticks on back for holding

We hope you enjoy the process of making these puppets as you do playing with them during the Winter months. Enjoy time with family and friends as you make up adventures for these furry friends to go on.

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