Twig Flag


We love crafts that use natural materials and this twig flag is perfect for the Fourth of July! Have your child use their "get outside" token to collect various twigs and then use their "create" token to make this craft. 


  • twigs (straight ones work best)
  • red, white and blue paint
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue
  • something to cover your surface (newspaper, paper bag, drop cloth, etc.)


  • Collect twigs
  • Break twigs into 10 pieces of roughly similar size.

  • Paint twigs to look like the American flag. We used dots to represent the stars but if you have a more advanced artist they can paint a star shape!

  • Use hot glue to attach two sticks to the back. We recommend putting the two vertical sticks down first, putting a dot of glue on each one, and then attaching each horizontal piece one at a time.
  • Let glue dry.

You can prop your flag on a shelf or attach a string to the back and hang it on a wall or door.

Enjoy your masterpiece and Happy Fourth of July! 

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