Nature Easter Craft


This is an Easter project that encourages your child to go outside, use items found in nature, and create something beautiful for the Easter celebration. This craft is simple, doesn't require much prep, fosters creativity, and is enjoyable for all. You can make your craft a permanent fixture with glue or use it as an ongoing activity as you create art that symbolizes new life.



  • cardboard 
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • items from nature
  • optional: glue



  • cut out an egg shape from cardboard 
  • draw just a few details of an animal such as a bunny, lamb or chick 
  • have child collect various items in nature to create their animal such as: grass, leaves, twigs, flowers, berries, etc.
  • have child arrange natural materials to form animal
  • items can either be glued onto the cardboard as a permanent fixture, or left unglued so that the project can be done again using different materials

We hope you enjoy this creative project inspired by nature. Happy Easter!

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