Heart Collage


This is a lovely art project that your child can do independently, either for Valentine's Day or for any occasion when they want to show some love. A collage is a process where you arrange and glue various pieces onto a flat surface to create an entirely new piece. The focus of this project is the process, which means that it is art enjoyed for the simple act of making and not for the end product. Process Art gives your child a lot of creative freedom and is a lot of fun! We did this project two different ways. For the first project we used all three colors together to make one collage. For the second, we focused on monochromatic color and made three separate collages.



  • cardboard 
  • heart tracer (a cookie cutter)
  • paintbrush
  • pink, red and purple paint
  • pencil to trace
  • scissors to cut out
  • any pink, red and purple embellishments such as sequins, pom poms, buttons, felt, feathers, jewels, craft paper, etc.


  • trace heart shape on cardboard 
  • cut out hearts
  • have child paint hearts
  • give child embellishments to glue onto their heart

We hope you enjoy the open-ended process of making these lovely hearts!

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