Gratitude Tree


Invite your little ones to share what they are grateful for by creating a Gratitude Tree. You can add a new leaf each day with your child or make them all at once.

Older children can write their own words but younger children may need to dictate and have an adult write for them. The use of pictures or photographs is another option for little ones who can't read yet. Ideas may include: family, friends, pets, a special quality or talent, a favorite place to go, something in nature, a favorite food to eat, a feeling, etc.


  • tree branches
  • vase, burlap sack or canvas bag -some sort of vessel to hold branches
  • rocks and/or crumpled grocery bag to hold branches up
  • brown paper grocery bag 
  • optional: pictures of photographs
  • paper for tracing hands (we used cricket rainbow paper)
  • scissors 
  • pen
  • hole punch
  • string for attaching leaves and if desired, wrapping around sticks


  • gather tree branches outside or purchase them from a craft store 
  • arrange branches in a vase 
  • use rocks and brown grocery bag to secure branches
  • trace hands onto desired paper and cut out
  • hole punch at the bottom of each hand and tie with string
  • write what you are thankful for on each hand                                                  
  • hang your child's hand leaves on their tree

When you are finished, talk with your child about all they have to be grateful for. Make sure to display your child's Gratitude Tree somewhere special. It also makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving Dinner and you can extend this activity by having your guests add to the tree as they arrive.

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