Fairy Garden


The weather is warming up and Spring is almost here! This activity is sure to get your little ones excited about the upcoming season. One of our favorite springtime activities is to garden or plant flowers so we decided to add a whimsical element and create our very own fairy garden...or gnome garden, or elf garden, or whatever your child fancies.  

There are so many ways to create a fairy garden, so your child can really use their creativity and imagination with this project and take the lead. Fairy gardens can be made out of any container, many of which you may have at home or can find at your local dollar store. Here are a few ideas: 

  • flower pot
  • terrarium
  • barrel
  • tea cup
  • tree trunk
  • box
  • basket
  • plastic tub


  • container 
  • dirt/soil
  • gardening tool for planting
  • plants or flowers
  • sand
  • sticks, rocks, or leaves from outside
  • any additional accessories: miniature house, tiny furniture, craft stick bench, small figurines or animals, blue stones for water, sticks, moss, buttons, glitter, toadstools, ladders, hammocks, etc.

Your child may be inspired by items they already have but it's also fun to create your own! We made a bench out of craft sticks and then decided to paint it the next day. We also used items from nature such as twigs to make a teepee for our second garden. The ideas are endless and you can keep adding to your project as you wish.


  • choose your container
  • fill it with soil
  • add flowers or plants (we found that smaller varieties work best)
  • add sand, moss, or pebbles
  • arrange any extra details to make an inviting garden for the fairies!


Let your child nurture their imagination and curiosity with this enchanting project.

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