Dough Roller


This simple dough roller craft encourages creativity, strengthens fine motor skills, and helps the environment by reducing waste.

Upcycled projects teach children to be environmentally conscious and push them to think outside the box.

Have your child use their "create" token to make this craft.


  • hot glue gun 
  • hot glue stick
  • paper roll


  • Ask your young artist what design they would like to create. We chose monstera leaves, rainbows and flowers.
  • Use the hot glue gun to make the design on the paper roll. We made smaller designs and repeated them so that they continued to roll out.

          Glue gun safety: Please read and follow the instructions and warnings                      provided by your glue gun's manufacturer. For our craft, the child dictated                the design and the adult used the glue gun to create it.

  • Let glue cool and dry. We allowed a day for this to make sure it hardened.
  • Make a smooth pancake with your favorite dough. 
  • Put your hand inside the paper roll to apply pressure and roll over dough.
  • Enjoy your custom design!

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