Craft Stick Nativity Ornament


As you prepare for Christmas, make wonderful memories with your children and teach them about its true meaning with this sweet ornament craft. It's simple, smells oh so lovely, and is something you'll remember each and every year. This child-friendly, lightweight ornament is one that will be fun to make and will look beautiful on your tree!


  • 8 craft sticks
  • cardboard
  • rosemary
  • twine/string
  • hot glue/ craft glue
  • marker
  • scissors
  • glitter


  • glue craft sticks - we glued the top and bottom separately and then attached the two. An adult can use hot glue for this part if desired.

  • cut out an oval and star shape from cardboard
  • paint a white cloth around the oval and draw a face to make baby Jesus
  • spread white glue over the star (we used our finger) and sprinkle glitter on top
  • while white paint is drying, glue two sprigs of rosemary to make the manger
  • tie twine around the top of the stable
  • use glue to attach baby Jesus and the star 
  • once dry, hang your gorgeous ornament on your tree!       

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