Coffee Filter Butterfly


This classic craft has been a crowd pleaser for years and incorporates a bit of science for that wow factor. It's a simple spring craft that your child will want to do over and over again and it will add some cheer to your home. We've hung our butterflies in our window for people passing by to admire.



  • 2 coffee filters for each butterfly
  • Washable markers
  • Water in a spray bottle 
  • A baking tray to place underneath your project
  • 1 Clothespin for each butterfly


  • Fit two coffee filters together, one on top of the other.
  • Decorate the top coffee filter with washable markers. You can either make intentional designs or just apply colors randomly, which looks lovely!

  • Place coffee filters on top of a surface such as a baking tray.
  • Use a spray bottle filled with water to wet the coffee filters and make sure they're thoroughly wet.
  • Watch the colors spread and mix to make beautiful patterns!
  • Allow the coffee filters to dry. We placed ours on the baking tray outside in the sun and they dried within an hour.

  • Once the filters are dry, separate the two pieces which will look very similar
  • Accordion fold each filter so that you have two folded pieces
  • Put the two folded filters on top of each other and secure with a clothespin 
  • Gently fan out each end so that you have four "wings"
  • Add a face to the clothespin if desired


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